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In a previous blog on personal branding I discussed how I was going to use this site as a way to brand myself in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids area as an expert in inbound marketing.

One of the most important ways to get exposure for your personal brand is a great site that ranks well in organic search results for keywords that strongly fit your personal brand.

So how do you choose your personal brand keywords?

First, let’s check in and see how my keywords are doing.

SEO Keyword ranking for Hot diggity dog!

I’ve managed to secure a top three spot for one of my keywords, and gained more than 200 spots for one of my top three personal brand keywords.

All in just one day!

This is a testament to why it’s important to accurately choose your personal brand keywords in order to get the best results that align with your goals.

Here are a few key things to keep in my when choosing your own keywords for your site.

Your Name = Your Brand.

My name, in this case, is a very important part of my personal brand because I’m seeking employment as an email and inbound marketing specialist. I want my site, which focuses on these topics, to rank very highly for my name as it’s the first thing I want employers and recruiters to see when they search for me.

This principle still applies even if you’re not in the job market. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or engage in public speaking or interviewing of any kind, you should maintain a personal website with your name.

Why is that? Well, imagine if a media outlet wants to run a big story on your business and they want to learn more about you. They search your name. What comes up?

If you don’t spend time and effort on your personal branding, who knows what could show up! You want to hope that you have a bio on your company site that will trump any other results. But why not have two horses in the game and work on your own personal brand, just in case?

What happens if your name is Steve Jobs? Well, chances are, you’re never going to earn a top ranking for the keyword “steve jobs” and maybe not even “steven jobs.” This is where longtail keywords come in. Couple your name with both practical descriptors and also ones that align with your job, career, or personal goals.

For instance, you could be “steve jobs plumbing services” or “steve jobs plumbing expert.” I don’t think anyone would search those keywords if they were looking for plumbing advice from the former head of Apple.

  • Choose your name and variation of your name, job title, and location as keywords to monitor and focus on for your personal brand. Remember to look for longtail keywords that align with your goals.

You Control Your Image.

If you just relied on your company to do all the work for you and give your name recognition, you’re making a risky bet. What if the company goes under? What if there’s a website redesign and employee bios are no longer part of the site?

What if (gasp) you’re fired or laid off?!

When you craft your own website and accompanying social media or other online profiles for SEO success, you’re ensuring that you’re the one in control of your own image.

  • Eyeing a particular job title or company? Choose those keywords for your personal brand. That way you can focus on great content that will land you in the SERPs for those keywords and show that you’re an authority in the career field of your dreams.

Become an Expert.

Whether you’re using your website as a way to land a great job, as a way for the public to get to know you, or just as an experiment to see how good you can get at this whole SEO business, be the best you can be. You don’t have to be the CEO or President of a company to have a great, educational website that provides good information in your area of expertise.

  • Choose longtail keywords that will make you an expert on topics in your field. Create informational posts, eBooks, infographics and more that show off your expertise for that keyword.

In a future post, I will be sharing how to use other websites, blogs, and media outlets to help give your personal brand even more authority. Stay tuned!

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