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One of the most important ways to land a job as a digital marketing specialist is to prove you’ve had success in your field. Employers want to see your skills in action, and that you’ve made a positive impact in your career of choice.

A great (and easy!) way to show off your skills is to write a case study. This is an analysis of a campaign, project, or service over a length of time that combines goals, methodology, and results in one easy-to-read document.

Here are a few simple steps to take to draft a quick case study for your digital marketing portfolio.

Assess Your Wins

Look for the high-level wins you’ve had a direct hand in over the past year or two. Where can you say you’ve done the most good? These should be simple, obvious improvements to your business or ways that your services impacted your client.

Write the Hook

Businesses want to know the results at a glance. A hook for your case study could be “How to earn $90,000 in revenue with one automated email campaign” or “These website improvements led to a projected $1.1M cost benefit over one year.” These are both actual hooks from my own portfolio, by the way. No big deal.

Back it Up

You need data to prove¬†your results. Use Google Analytics, data from your email provider, any onsite A/B testing software you’ve used like Monetate, or other data sources to prove your results. A quick chart that shows the metric in a visual way will also help get the point across.

Share Your Success

Make sure that your case study is easy to read and nice to look at. Then host a case studies page on your website, add it to your Linkedin profile, and just plain be proud of the work you’ve done.

That’s it. Boom, another awesome piece to add to your portfolio. Looking for more insight into digital marketing? Contact me at