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If you’re looking for proven success in digital marketing strategy and marketing analysis, these examples from the past couple of years should do the trick! Seeking a valuable member of your marketing or analytics team? Email me at and let’s talk



Website and Marketing Pipeline Case Study
As the Digital Marketing Manager for PITSS America, my first order of business was to completely revamp our digital brand and introduce inbound marketing into the sales pipeline.




Example of Custom Content Creation – Targeted Landing Page


Example of Sales Pipeline – Internal Marketing Funnel Dashboard

Example of pre-sales targeted landing page.


Examples of Video Content Production
Having worked in a variety of digital industries, I’ve learned that attractive, high-quality videos are one of the top ways to attract and convert new leads.


Email Marketing Case Study
10 Day Drip Campaign – How “10 Days of Free Downloads” produced huge results and nearly $100,000 in revenue!


What’s all this fantasy RPG stuff about, anyway?


Email Optimization Case Study
Marketing Email Improvements РNew data implementation, segmentation, targeting, and CRM strategies led to a 77% increase in email revenue year over year.



Homepage Optimization Case Study
Design improvements and optimization of the Create and Craft homepage led to an 11% increase in new visitor conversion and a projected $1.1 million cost benefit over 1 year.


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